Principal Events

The Waikato Branch has eight principal events annually on the National Calendar:

*  January sees the mopeds and scooters out on Blue Smoke & Pedals.

*   February/March is time for the Vintage Venture, which caters for vintage era vehicles (1919-1931).

*   In March or April we have the Mooloo Meander, exclusively for motorcycles of 2 or 3 wheels manufactured  30 years or more ago.

*   In June at Queen's Birthday weekend we hold our major event for the year, the Double Fifty Rally (so named because it traditionally runs 50 miles before lunch and 50 miles after). This generally attracts up to 120 vehicles from all classes, from local members and visitors from all over the North Island.

*   September brings the annual Hill Climb held on a 1 km course at Kairangi.

*   October sees the Post Vintage, Post War Vintage,Post 1960 and Post 80 Vehicle Rally held when vehicle enthusiasts of these eras (from 1932 to 30 years old) come out for the day.

*   November is when we have our Veteran Rally for pre -1919 vehicles, which caters for the small but dedicated band of old-time enthusiasts.  A class for early Vintage vehicles with only rear wheel brakes has lately also been included.

*   The third Sunday in November is our annual swap meet held at the Karapiro Domain.  This attracts buyers and sellers from around the North Island and has a great range of vehicles and parts for sale.

Events Schedule

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