Membership Application is available on-line via the link below.  From that date you will receive a copy of the Waikato Branch newsletter, “Venture” and a copy of the club’s national magazine “Beaded Wheels” which is published every second month.  If you require further information please contact our Secretary.

Membership Fees

The cost for new membership for a full year is $100.00 including GST (Joining with a joint membership is $120.00 including GST). However, as the club’s financial year ends on October 31st, the costs of joining and subscription reduce on a three monthly basis throughout the year to compensate for the shorter subscription period. A joint member must be the partner of the member and/or a dependent child up to age 21 years inclusive who is resident at the same address as the member.

Club membership will bring you into contact with fellow vehicle and motorcycle enthusiasts. If you’re looking for information to help with your restoration  project, keen to start rallying or historic racing,  or are  interested in supporting advocacy for the rights of road users then join your local branch and start enjoying the fun.